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Spring Cleaning

While we are all accustom to the tradition of rolling up our sleeves and putting in some elbow grease for the annual spring cleaning. There are some chores that should be added to the annual spring routine. Most only take a few minutes and can ensure you are prepared for the blistering summer months to come. Let’s get started.


1. Check your air-conditioning and heating equipment before the beginning of a new season. Schedule your annual maintenance. Spring and fall are the best seasons to have your system serviced. This ensures that your HVAC system will operate optimally during the more extreme weather months.


2. Check and/or replace your furnace and air-conditioning filters every month.


3. To keep a humidifier working properly, remove its housing and let the unit dry completely. Vacuum every accessible surface and crevice.


5. Clean your bathroom exhaust fans once a year. Take the cover off, wash it in soapy water and clean dirt off the fan blades with a toothbrush. Be sure the power is off when you do this!


6. Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors twice a year: when the time changes to daylight savings time and then back to standard time. While you’re at it, dust or vacuum the detectors to keep them working at peak performance.


7. Make sure you have a fully charged fire extinguisher that you can reach quickly and easily.


8. Inspect and, if necessary, caulk around your home’s windows and doors annually. That will help keep out heat and humidity in the summer and cold drafts in the winter—and save money on your utility bills all year round.


9. Open and close all windows. Do they all open easily, yet close tightly? If not, check the weather stripping. There are a number of different types to consider.


10. The best time to caulk a joint outdoors is during the spring or fall. That’s when the width of the joint is halfway between its seasonal extremes.


Double checking these items will help increase the quality of air you breath, allow your HVAC system to run optimally without added stress, and help save you money on your utility bills as well as prevent costly repairs.  Now, let’s get cleaning!


Please call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning with any HVAC questions and to Schedule your Spring Maintenance. 509.987.1500


Hello Spring!

Hello spring! Yes, it is that time of year again! Beautiful weather, picnics, barbeques, and fun in the sun. While we have all been counting the days until we see that glowing ball of joy we call sunshine, we also know that means blooming flowers and pollinating trees. As spring is notorious for wind in the Tri-Cities area, this also means increased dust, pollen and other allergens make their way into our homes.

According to the EPA, the indoor air we are exposed to is 70% more polluted than the outdoor air and studies show that the average American spends nearly 90% of their time indoors. Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems air filters should be changed not when they’re dirty but on frequently planned intervals. During peak seasons (summer and winter) your system is working much harder and therefore your air filter will need to be checked and replaced more often. The benefits of keeping these filter changes up to date are overwhelming, with the main goal being keep the air we breathe clean and healthy.

An air filter’s job is to keep the air in your home clear of dusts, molds, pollens and other contaminants, which can worsen allergies and can cause diseases. By changing out your filter on a regular basis you insure you are not re-circulating dust, molds, pollens and other contaminants back through your system and into your home.

As we start pulling out our toys for the summer months, and start manicuring our sprouting landscape, let’s not forget to double check that filter and keep our homes clean and our families healthy so we can enjoy every minute in the sunshine! Please call Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a maintenance or with any questions. (509)987-1500. Happy playing from your Apollo Family.

Spring is here!

Spring has finally arrived! With the temperatures already rising, now is a great time to have a tune up on your home’s heating and cooling system. Apollo Heating and Air has trained, certified technicians that can maintain your current system, diagnose and repair any problems that your current system may have. Thinking about replacing your current HVAC system before the summer weather hits? Apollo Heating and Air offers free in-home estimates on replacements systems. Apollo also works closely with the local PUD’s and can provide information on rebates offered for system replacements. Please call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning at (509)987-1500 to schedule an appointment for a Spring maintenance or a free in-home estimate on a replacement system.